Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Results of the LCA : BioCérès®

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is defined as: "the compilation and evaluation of inputs (eg. commodities, energy), outputs (eg. emissions into the air, depletion of non-renewable resources) and potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle".


According to this standard, the life cycle of a product consists of "consecutive and interlinked stages of a product system, from raw material acquisition or generation of natural resources to final disposal."


For FuturaMat’s compounds, the phases of the life cycle include agricultural actors (cereal grower for Bioceres® or forestry for BioFibra®), plastics processing industry, recycling and composting networks. All these players were involved in data collection and provided the necessary information to model the life cycle analysis (LCA).

In order to assess the environmental benefits of its range of biopolymers, FuturaMat has performed a life cycle assessment (LCA). For BioCérès®, among the criteria studied, it appears that "Energy consumption", "Emissions of greenhouse gases" and "Resource depletion" indicators are respectively lower from 30 to 65% compared to polypropylene compounds.

Comparative results in life cycle of 3 compounds - functionnal unit : 1 kg of compound

A comparison of the main polymers used in plastics processing industry, emphasizes the performance for BioCérès® "Energy Consumption" and "Emissions of greenhouse gas émissions" indicators. It is important to note that these results take into account the compounds’ end of life, namely 50% in household waste and 50% in composting for BioCérès® and PLA, 100% in household waste for polypropylene.

What does the life cycle of our products look like?

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