Renewable and non renewable resources

BioCérès® and BioFibra®

The impact on the depletion of natural resources is at the center of FuturaMat’s concerns in the development of these biopolymers. The use of wheat flour (BioCérès®) and wood flour (BioFibra®) is a substitute for fossil polymers (e.g. Polypropylene). The renewable nature of the composition of these biopolymers is materialized by good results on the indicator of "Resources depletion".


The plant source of these compounds, the "bio-based" attribute, is validated by the certification agency AIB Vinçotte, thanks to Belgian label OK Biobased©.


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BioCérès® and BioFibra®

One of the main specificity of both BioCérès® and BioFibra® lies in the origin of its components. Indeed, PLA used in Biocérès® and BioFibra® is 100% recycled. This recycled PLA is called "post industrial", indicating that it was collected during the production processes.



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