ETV Certification

On last April 7th 2016, during the Eco-Entreprises National Forum organized by the Pexe in Paris, and as part of the european program "Environmental Technology Verification", FuturaMat officially received the first ETV certification for a bioplastic. This certification validates the character "100% biobased" of a compound formulation.

COP21 Paris - December 2015


In the context of the COP21, FuturaMat was invited to participate to the Breakthrough Night at the Grand-Palais in Paris, on next December 4th, 2015.

New logo, new range, FuturaMat still in innovation to better serve you!

2014 saw the birth of a more contemporary logo, while retaining the spirit of FuturaMat since its inception, i.e. the use of plant (so renewable) materialsin substitution to petrochemical resources.


A new range joined BioCérès, BioFibra, and PolyFibra: BioMine. This allows to widen our catalog by offering formulations with a mineral charge, petroleum free, and perfectly adapted to the transformation by injection moulding. More information in our page "BioMine".

Journée "Entreprendre au Féminin"

Crédit photo F.Roch, Conseil Régional Poitou-Charentes

25 février 2013 - Visit of Mrs the Minister of Women's Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem


On the occasion of the day "Women entrepreneurs," Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem and Ms. Ségolène Royal, accompanied by local officials as Ms. Catherine Coutelle (member of Parliament), Ms. Elisabeth Borne (Prefect of Department) or Mr. Alain Claeys (Mayor of Poitiers), were received by Sandra Martin to visit the FuturaMat company.

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