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FuturaMat bioplastics are made from renewable sources that come in various forms that ensure a perfect base for a wide range of products and uses. Our main objective has been to develop high-quality products without negatively impacting our environment. With this driving us forward, FuturaMat has created beautiful, reliable and sustainably responsible products with BioCérès®, BioFibra® and PolyFibra®. Learn more about our compounds below.

BioCérès® : Bioplastics and wheat

A mix of nature! A true alloy of wheat flour and a biodegradable polymer, BioCérès® products are biobased and compostable; one reference carries the

                OK Compost and the OK Biobased labels.

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BioFibra® : a composition of Bioplastics and Wood

Made completely from renewable resources (biopolymers of plant, wood and vegetable additives), BioFibra® products are biobased and compostable; 

                One BioFibra® reference carries the OK Compost


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BioMine® : Plant and Mineral combination

These materials are made from biopolymers of vegetable origin alloyed with mineral charges. Without any petrochemical resource, these compounds offer a

                wide stiffness while providing a highly specific

                qualitative touch (soft touch). 

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PolyFibra® : Traditional plastics and Wood

Products made with PolyFibra® reduce the use of fossil carbons by up to 50% and have mechanical properties recommended for technical processing by injection

                and extrusion

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