A true alloy of wheat flour and a biodegradable polymer, Bioceres® products are biobased and compostable. One reference carries the OK Compost label and the OK biobased label.

With the possibility of creating products from resources that are renewable, Bioceres® products are ideal for using calendering, extrusion and injection-inflation transformation techniques and are especially recommended for application in the fields of horticulture, packaging and, more generally, for disposable technical parts.


Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction of Fossil carbon

  • Reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases

  • Zero emissions of greenhouse gases during the biodegradation of the product or in traditional elimination processes (inceration, landfill)

  • Value in the by-product of the Biodegraded product (compost or biogas)


Technical Benefits

  • Grades are suitable for injection molding, extrusion, thermo forming, calendaring (see data sheets)

  • Various mechanical properties due to a wide range of formulations

  • Excellent printability

  • Excellent shaping ability (folding, gluing, cutting, etc.)

  • Isotrophy effect

  • Negligible shrinkage to release

Data Sheets

BioCeres® BC-LBE03
Description: Completely Biosourced, flexible, good heat resistance, fluid; good resistance to tearing. Certified OK compost and OK Biobased.
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