Made completely from renewable resources (biopolymers of plant, wood and
vegetable additives), BioFibra® products are biobased and compostable. One BioFibra® reference (BF-LHE01) carries the OK Compost label.

BioFibra® products are ideal for technical transformations with using techniques such as injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and are recommended for applications in horticulture, packaging and more generally for disposable technical parts.

The wood used originates from Europe and is guaranteed by the PEFC*.


Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduction of use of Fossil carbon

  • Reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases

  • Zero emissions of greenhouse gases during the biodegradation of the product or in traditional elimination processes (inceration, landfill)

  • Value in the by-product of the Biodegraded product (compost or biogas)

  • The wood fibers used are produced from PEFC certified wood

Technical Benefits

  • Grades are suitable for injection molding, extrusion ... (see data sheets)

  • Various mechanical properties due to a wide range of formulations

  • Isotrophy effect

  • Negligible shrinkage to release

*More information on the PEFC-France website.

Data Sheets

BioFibra® BF-LED10
Description: Completely Biosourced, fiber = spruce, favorable price, fluid.
Document Adobe Acrobat [102.0 KB]
BioFibra® BF-LHE01
Description: Completely Biosourced, Grade thermoforming, beech fiber based . Certified OK compost.
Document Adobe Acrobat [162.2 KB]



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