PolyFibra® products are made from vegetable fibers, and are partially biobased; products made with PolyFibra reduce the use of fossil carbon by up to 50%. Polyfibra®  products have mechanical properties recommended for technical processing by injection and extrusion. The wood used is of European origin and is guaranteed by the PEFC* which ensures the level of conservation of resources and its exploitation.


Major environmental benefits:

  • Reduces the usage of non-renewable materials by substituting up to 50% of non-renewable resources with wood

  • Reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases

  • The wood fibers used are produced from PEFC certified wood

  • The use of PolyFibra cuts the amount of energy used in production processes

  • Reduction of emissions in end-of-life phase for finished products

Technical benefits:

  • Grades are suitable for injection molding, extrusion ... (see data sheets)

  • Sharp decrease in abrasiveness

  • Increase in Health and safety: absence of micro-fibril

  • Effect of isotropy

  • Reduction of shrinkage to release

*More information on the PEFC-France website.

Data Sheets

PolyFibra® PF-PEF04
Description: 30% Biosource, PP / spruce, good performance, flexible and shock resistance, favorable price.
Document Adobe Acrobat [104.8 KB]
PolyFibra® PF-PHF04
Description: 30% Biosource, PP / beech, good performance, flexible and shock resistance, favorable price.
Document Adobe Acrobat [105.1 KB]
PolyFibra® PF-PEI02
Description: 50% Biosource, PP / spruce, high wood rate, rigid.
Document Adobe Acrobat [105.0 KB]
PolyFibra® PF-AED01
Description: 20% Biosource, Composite Brakes / spruce.
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